- SATYA organised state level seminar on teenagers in conflict with law on 5th of April 2008, at Mohandas Sukhadia Auditorium, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

- SATYA will start its operation at Dausa & Bhilwara District on Floride mitigation program.

Institutional Updates
MPhil exams is on 20th June,21st June and 23rd June 2008.
MBA & BBA exam will be on mid of July 2008.
Admission is open for MBA, MSW and MPhil
Free of cost MSW admission for BPL listed families.
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- Admission Open for Satya IT Courses (Livelihood Model).
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Satya's Discovery





Satya is willing to discover and emphasize the genuinely existing social issues requiring attention that lies in root cause of any social evil or problem or hampering integrated development ignoring hypothetical and superfluously glamorous issues. We emphasize genuine issues through our initiatives as in social journalism, performing as social activists or advocacy in action.

We are making innovative approach for achieving objective through assembling documentary films and spot displaying them in community on various issues to bring about a change in collective attitudes, perception, behavioral approach, and mindset ensuring community participation towards achieving social objectives.

A house journal ‘SATYA DISCOVERY’ is periodically published and circulated amongst various sections of the society apart from spot display of documentary films. SATYA believes in its role as a voice of society through collective call. It seeks to acts through building awareness, mentoring collective conscience on genuine issue, and shared information for development. We, at Satya, are eager to bring about social harmony, cohesion and mutual concern the social fabric and a world free from exploitation, poverty, misery, fear inequality, and oppression. SATYA is therefore also engaged in freelance journalism.









In current media presentation, there has been a serious loss of ethics and social commitment in the field of journalism. These reflect even in the daily reporting of events. Journalism, which had an important social role, has degenerated into trivialized feature-writing with a consumerist end, supported by catchy pictures and flashy layout.

Satya is engaged in social journalism to bring about a change in not only in collective attitudes and perception just superficially but also in practices i.e. behavioral acceptance as an individual, extreme individual and group level on various issues such as dowry, female foeticide, water conservation, energy conservation, caste solidarity and reservation issues, patriotism, cleanliness, etc.









Social activist is an intentional action or behavior to bring about a social or political change. We seek to advocate child issue, social justice, and other genuine issues for community good. We are also engaged in Case Reconciliation in Jaipur in association with Department of Police, Rajasthan.











Advocacy is the act of arguing on behalf of a particular issue, idea or person. Individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments can engage in advocacy, include a wide range of subjects as broad as social justice.

Satya is engaged in advocacy on various issues through various methods as writing letters, contacting political representatives, organizing community meetings, displaying documentary films, distributing public education materials, writing articles in newspapers, publications, or other means to communicate our views for the purpose of policy and social change.







Funding Agencies
2 CBOs/NGOs etc.
2 Corporate Industries
/Enterprises under CSR
2 Individual-Resource
2 Social Journalism
2 Social Activist
2 Advocacy
2 Establishing an NGO
2 Documentation &
Record keeping
2 Operations Managment
and Liaisoning
2 Proposals and
2 Accounts and
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