- SATYA organised state level seminar on teenagers in conflict with law on 5th of April 2008, at Mohandas Sukhadia Auditorium, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

- SATYA will start its operation at Dausa & Bhilwara District on Floride mitigation program.

Institutional Updates
MPhil exams is on 20th June,21st June and 23rd June 2008.
MBA & BBA exam will be on mid of July 2008.
Admission is open for MBA, MSW and MPhil
Free of cost MSW admission for BPL listed families.
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- Admission Open for Satya IT Courses (Livelihood Model).
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SATYA is a non-political, non-profit secular voluntary organization. SATYA believes in effective social networking of available and requisite resources, through integrated planning and community participation. SATYA aims at an all-inclusive human development.

SATYA is inspired by upholding truth in all its endeavours to target harmonious human development for all sections and strata of the society. It operates through a set combination strategy, which includes research, interpretation of findings, designing practical strategies and effective implementation to achieve desired goals.

SATYA as a concept has evolved since 1997, and been active since 2001. It was formally registered in 2004, under the Societies Registration Act, 1958. SATYA has a strong team network of experienced professionals, specialists, intelligentsia, and researchers. SATYA is presently working in the state of Rajasthan. Our programmes are primarily based in the districts of Alwar, Jaipur, Kota, Sawaimadhopur, and Tonk including the rural belts of Chomu and Chaksu.

Dr. Sanjay Agrawal
 (Founder chairman)

To strive for a truthful, fearless, and free social order where a harmoniously integrated and nature-friendly human development is realized for one and all. 

  1. To strengthen and develop human resources that acts upon true, real, and right direction, ultimately nurturing the bonds of the community spirit and social justice, creating peace and harmony, and striving for sustainable human development.
  2. To develop character and skills, and health and education of human being, and to safeguard environmental factors in protection of the truth and the nature through awareness, training, motivation, research, and action.

    Integrated development of any field relevant to society through human development by creating desired resources, utilizing available resources, and performing combined efforts into action.


SATYAhas been engaged in varied forms of social activities and action. It has identified following thrust areas for intervention:

Social Studies & Research

Social Justice
Urban and Rural Development
Health and Sanitation
Water Harvesting
Solid Waste Management
AIDS Control programme
Women Empowerment
Child Welfare


SATYA functions as a resource centre dedicated to the larger goals and objectives of social sector. The resourcecentre caters to the needs and requirements of the NGOs, by providing ways of capacity building the human resources, systems integration, and project consultancy services, project management, research and development services in no profit, no loss terms.

The resource centre undertakes and provides training programmes, and organizes seminars and workshops. The centre offers placement services to NGOs, as well as the GOs in social sectors.

SATYA recognizes the need and significance of academic programmes serving the cause of social sector. It is realized that compassionate services professionally delivered are required for the underprivileged, the disabled, the addicts, the delinquents, the emotionally deprived, and the exploited.

SATYA has entered into academic collaboration with Vinayaka Mission’s Research Foundation (VMRF), Salem  (an AIU recognized deemed University). Distance learning course in Master of Social Work have been launched.

Specialized programmes to pursue the right to free and universal primary education are underway for the urban poor living in Jaipur-based slums of Sanjay Nagar and Manoharpura kachhi basti.



Plans are afoot ahead to create facilities for imparting education and training in the areas of social work, childcare, criminology, and labour welfare. SATYA is also engaged in its own social research and developmental activities. 


SATYA has the distinction of having developed innovative and unique programme approaches and intervention strategies. Some of the recent key projects are:


SATYA appreciates that no work of consequence can either be initiated or accomplished if implementing organizations are not armed with requisite and adequate primary and secondary database. This is also crucial for the organizations to communicate with the grassroot, and percolate the results to the target sections.

SATYA undertakes field research and fact-finding that are central to evolve policies and systems necessary to follow activities, projects, and programmes. This facilitates weeding out the undesired elements and check delaying obstacles.


SATYA has executed research projects related to RCH, TB, NACP-AIDS, Family Planning, and National Family Welfare Programme.

Studies have been undertaken regarding public utility systems like water resources, urban development, and transportation, including crop harvesting, ICDP, and SIDA Water Supply & Sanitation (Involvement in socio-economic survey – Isarda Irrigation cum Drinking Water Project, Sawaimadhopur with NEERI and environment and socio-economic survey – Parwan drinking Water Project, Jhalawar)

SATYA has also conducted media research related to Indian Readership & National Readership Surveys.

SATYA has been associated with the DPEP and Lok Jumbish programmes. The organization has been instrumental in setting up the T.V. Studio (University Mass Communication Centre, Jaipur), and Audiovisual Studio (ICG, Jaipur).

Rural Development

Satya welcoming – Innovative Rural India

Satya knowledge hub –disseminating information
Satya has adopted Panchayat village Teetaria, Chaksu Block and Kapurawala Panchayat village, sanganer block under ‘Ek Gram, Ek Sanstha’ programme under district development programme of district collector. Under this, organization is nominated to work in 17 enlisted areas for overall integrated development of the Panchayat.
Women Empowerment
Skill development training: women empowerment

SATYA has accomplished an urban infrastructure project in association with the Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Programme (RUIDP). The phase I has laid strong foundation of a conducive environment for health, hygiene, and sanitation through ongoing awareness building in the long-neglected and thickly-populated Manoharpura slum area of Jaipur city. The phase II is presently under process.


SATYA has evolved an eco-friendly methodology of solid waste management in the urban sectors of Jaipur city. An awareness programme, in association with RUIDP, has resulted in a positive social responsibility.

The task of solid waste and garbage collection is being executed as a pilot project, at the behest of the municipal corporation (JMC), in Vaishali Nagar and ward #20 of Jaipur.


SATYA is keenly engaged in policy formulation for the
GO-NGO partnership. The experience is open to be replicated in advanced urban and rural infrastructure development, along with the government, and also as mandated by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India


SATYA is deeply committed to coordinated social reconstruction through specially evolved SATYA PPCC (Police Public Coordination Committee).  It is envisaged that the SATYA PPCC programme shall ultimately see the light of the day throughout Rajasthan.

Poverty Alleviation through IT  intervention

Satya recognizes the importance of socio-economic development through IT intervention (providing computer education & training) to the mass mainly focused on BPL Youth   and ensuring active participation of local community & effective implementation like any other welfare activity. the activity for generating employment and livelihood through technical knowledge dissemination through consultation with the Technical Support Group and intensive IEC. As a pilot project Satya Has taken JHALANA KACCHI BASTI Of Jaipur .

Satya ensures rights of livelihood


SATYA is seized of the inequalities and inequities prevalent in the families and the patriarchal social order. The issue of gender sensitivity is one of the core questions before us. Lok Adalats are organized under the aegies of the PPCC, with effective intervention in cases of family disputes and domestic violence.

SATYA - Police Public meet are among the regular campaign & research activity, to advance social justice
SATYA IN ACTION                                                  

SATYA is focussed and engaged in the following areas:

Need Assessment & Baseline Studies
Poverty Alleviation Programme
Water and Sanitation
Health and Hygiene
Street Children & Migrant Communities
Elementary Education
NGO Collaboration and Orientation

Satya has initiated its activities in the field of child welfare, awareness creating and community participation in related issues with advocacy and knowledge dissemination through trainings, workshops and conferences alongwith the State Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of Rajasthan and other associated organizations from Government of India.

Juvenile Justice (care and Protection of Children) Act 2000 (Jaipur & UDAIPUR)

A one day State Level Seminar on Juvenile Delinquency

A 3-day state level training were organized with an objective to facilitate the effective implementation of Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 and Capacity-Building through knowledge Dissemination on theoretical and behavioral aspects, generating awareness on the issue on state level in districts of Jaipur and Udaipur.

SATYA-Justice delivery on the track


A house journal ‘SATYA DISCOVERY’ is periodically published and circulated amongst various sections of the society. SATYA believes in its role as a voice of society through collective call. It seeks to acts through building awareness and shared information. SATYA is therefore also engaged in freelance journalism.
This programme furnishes an integrated platform for societal networking between the community, the police, the judiciary, the litigants, the social welfare, law, and home departments of the state government.

Funding Agencies
2 CBOs/NGOs etc.
2 Corporate Industries
/Enterprises under CSR
2 Individual-Resource
2 Social Journalism
2 Social Activist
2 Advocacy
2 Establishing an NGO
2 Documentation &
Record keeping
2 Operations Managment
and Liaisoning
2 Proposals and
2 Accounts and
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